AG is the biggest industry in our area-

so we take crop insurance seriously


Specializing in Crop Insurance

Even though we write all lines of insurance, we put a lot of focus on our crop insurance because of how critical it is here in rural Nebraska.  We have full-time crop insurance agents that are working in the industry each day.  We take a lot of pride in being a very dynamic agency- being up-to-date on the latest ag risk trends and newest products available for our producers.  

We insure smaller and larger farm operations and we want to give you all the information and tools you need to make the best Ag Management decisions from planting until harvest.  

Why do i need crop insurance?

Crop insurance is the most important risk management tool available; its an essential piece of modern agriculture.  Farming is the only business where you can do everything right and still come out on bottom because of circumstances out of your control- like a late hail storm that wipes out your crop or an unforeseen crash in commodity prices.  There's too much money in farming today to not have a good crop insurance plan to help back you up.

Today's crop insurance plans help farmers get back on their feet after incurring these losses.  These plans are highly customizable to a farmer's specific needs, which makes working with a great team of agents that much more important.

Marble-sized hail with 75+ MPH winds totaled out these soybeans west of Osmond on June 30th, 2018.

Marble-sized hail with 75+ MPH winds totaled out these soybeans west of Osmond on June 30th, 2018.

The most common types of crop insurance are Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI) which must be purchased prior to planting and covers any losses due to weather events, diseases, as well as revenue losses due to falling prices.

Many farmers take MPCI coverage and buy supplemental Production Hail plans or regular Crop Hail plans.  Production hail is a private product that goes above and beyond your production hail and covers up to 120% of your approved yield down to the level your MPCI plan cuts off at.  This keeps it affordable because you're not double insuring, you're just adding coverage to where your existing MPCI policy.

In Northeast Nebraska, we've seen Green Snap & Wind do significant damage to corn so  many of our insureds carry a green snap and wind policy.  This policy endorsement provides loss payment when corn is flattened, bent, and broken over.  All policies we write expire November 1st.

Give us a call today and we'll gladly come to your farm and show you why farmers in Northeast Nebraska work with the New Frontier team.

We took drone photos and video for this producer who had significant greensnap damage that wasn't visible from the road.

We took drone photos and video for this producer who had significant greensnap damage that wasn't visible from the road.

Just like you, we're investing in technology to help you and make our office more innovative and efficient.  We want to create value to you as a producer by using technology that can help detect losses and make your insurance experience better.   

We're creating an advantage by using drones to monitor field damage after storms, using exclusive quoting software to find what insurance levels are best for your operation, and providing exclusive producer tools that will give you policy information.

Our goal is to be the best agency we can be and deliver the best service to our customers.  We are confident if you work with us, you'll be a customer for a long time.

personalized rISK mANAGEMENT

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We don't believe in a one size fits all crop insurance policy.  Every operation is different and we work directly with you to match your crop insurance coverage up directly with:

  • Your loss tolerance

  • Your farm structure

  • Your irrigated vs. non-irrigated acres

  • Your field-by-field yield history

We want to work with you

Our agency has a long history of working with farmers and being a team that will be with you every step of the way.  Our goal is to see your farming operation succeed and grow for years to come.  We work closely with producers to educate and help you understand your crop insurance plan.  

Our goal is to make sure you're 100% satisfied with our service, and we're committed to working for you.

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If any of that that sounds good to you, just call or email us and we'll setup an appointment to come meet you at your farm and show you how we can benefit you.